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Collaborating Our Way toward Authentic Reformed Worldview

How can you get beyond merely integrating a biblical worldview into your curriculum and move toward curriculum integration as a means for your entire school community to participate authentically in the biblical story?

At CSI, we believe that a sound biblical worldview integration (BWVI) process asks school faculties to delve deep into the question of their place in the biblical story. This necessarily precludes any pre-packaged or top-down approach that neglects the value of asking a faculty to collaborate and think deeply about the biblical Big Story. The process is as important as the product. Here I reprise last month’s blog reference to Daniel Pink’s work on intrinsic motivation. Pink said, “There are at least three aspects that foster intrinsic motivation. The first is autonomy, or self-direction.” According to Pink, for most of us, “our ‘default’ setting is to be autonomous and self-directed.” The second aspect is mastery, or becoming better at something that matters. Pink says this “turns out to be the single most motivating aspect of many jobs.” Third, there is purpose: “Humans, by their nature, seek purpose—to make a contribution and to be part of a cause greater and more enduring than themselves.”
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