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Daher’s Vineyard and the Living Stones

Reflections on a Recent Visit to Palestine and Israel

It is March 1, 2017. A breezy chill greets us as we step off the bus in the Israeli settlement next to Daher’s Vineyard, just southwest of Bethlehem, Palestine. We walk down a two-track through the expansive Judah mountains, framed by deep and terraced walls on each side of our path. Beautiful, and depressing.

We are in Bethlehem to visit those we refer to as “living stones” (from 1 Peter 2:5): Christians in this tortured “holy” land who are proactively standing up to poverty, brokenness, and injustice in holy ways. As we approach a compound on the top of a windy hill, the welcome sign reads, “We Refuse to Be Enemies.”
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