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A Principal’s Principles

“What’s in your wallet?” The pitch in the ad is that a certain credit card ought to be in there. For principals—probably leaders of all stripes—the question might be: “What’s on your desk?” Visitors or followers can measure the value a leader puts on aspects of life by checking out that desk: “I see a Bible.” “Look at that plaque with that saying on it.” “Everything is right in place; nothing messy here.”

For principals, a viewer can grasp their principles by the sayings, the proverbs, or short, pithy quotations that hang on the walls or sit on the desks of these men and women. What’s on your desk? Some golden oldies such as “A stich in time saves nine” or “Haste makes waste”? Or perhaps the motto of former US President Truman: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

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