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Angel Factory Christian School or Homeboy Industries?

In Tattoos On the Heart, Father Greg Boyle showers his readers with stories of “the power of boundless compassion.” Founder of Homeboy Industries, Boyle demonstrates the power of acceptance and unconditional love over the brokenness of East Los Angeles gang life. What is it like to see the image of God in each person, to see with God’s eyes? Boyle describes it well. The thought “I want my school to be more like that” sunk almost unnoticed into my administrator modus operandi.

“Thanks for meeting with us today, Bart,” they said as they came into my office. This couple—stalwart, heart-and-soul school supporters—asked a hard question. “You know, when I was serving lunch the other day I heard one of the students say, ‘OMG.’ I see the way some students dress: sweat pants, form-fitting jeans. Another time I heard one girl say to another that she looked ‘sexy.’ How should we be addressing these things?”

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