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Personnel File 5: The Case of James

This case study is offered as a discussion starter. The incident happened. The names are changed, but the facts are straight from the principal’s mouth. How did it end? I’m holding that, for now. How should it end? What reasons would you offer for that decision? Discuss this case with colleagues in leadership.

Mr. Matters, the principal, hated to admit his growing resentment toward the Andersons. The family was getting too pushy, in his judgment. They were demanding Christian education for their child James, who had Down syndrome. It was a demand his school—which was geared toward college prep and was small and barely scraping by financially—could not provide. Mr. Matters had talked to the Andersons at least a half-dozen times over the past two years; he knew they had also been calling board members to start a program for kids like James. And now the board had asked Mr. Matters to contact other Christian schools that worked with students with special learning needs, do some research, and estimate the cost of a program.

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