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Personnel File 1: The Case of Abe

This case study is offered as a discussion starter. The incident happened. The names are changed, but the facts are straight from the principal’s mouth. How did it end? I’m holding that, for now. How should it end? What reasons would you offer for that decision? Discuss this case with colleagues in leadership.

The principal was to meet with Abe in a few minutes; she had written some notes the night before on an evaluation form in various categories about Abe’s teaching, the same form on which she hoped Abe would have jotted some about himself. She doubted he would have done more than four or five terse “OKs” and a couple of “Goods.” She knew he hated these “conferences.” Two years ago he had told others on the faculty about how “silly” it was to have gone through an evaluation session with her. Now she wondered what she ought to say to him when he came in.

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The World According to N. T. Wright: Faithfully Reflecting Our Creator’s Wisdom and Care

Introduction and Personal Accounts

In the last four years, while moving from place to place around the world, my wife and I have had the opportunity to attend and seek fellowship in many different kinds of churches. In most of these churches, we found the emphases to be on personal salvation and the idea that God is available to make our lives safe and comfortable; we’ve seen some interest in helping the poor, but very little context as to why this is important, and we have noticed an almost complete lack of shalom-bringing and Kingdom focus. We found few fellowships consistent with our reformed Christian education mission. This may sound harsh, but it is real.

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