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Beyond Biblical Worldview and Christian Perspective

An Introduction to this summer’s Worldview Summit, August 2–4

Up to this point, my blog posts have emphasized the integration of a biblical worldview, a Christian perspective, and even the integration of faith and learning. Consistent with a Kuyperian “sphere sovereignty” viewpoint, I believe we have tended to separate what we do in school (education and learning: issues of the head) from what we do in church (liturgy, faith, and practice: issues of the heart).

Dr. James K.A. Smith, author or co-author of Desiring the Kingdom, Imagining the Kingdom, Teaching and Christian Practice, and also, coming in March 2016, You Are What You Love, introduced me to a deeper concept of liturgy and a more complete understanding of what we might mean by Christian practice. This blog post looks into these deeper meanings and poses questions about whether, and to what extent, we as Christian educators should incorporate liturgy and Christian practice into our educational process.

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Learn to Discern

It’s an old joke. The teacher asks, “Do you think ignorance and apathy are big problems?” The grumpy student response is: “I don’t know and I don’t care.” In our current culture, many young people are morally adrift and uncritical. It’s not “This is true; that is false.” It’s “Whatever.”

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