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Awe-Full Teachers

On a New York street corner, Alexandra, 15, smoked a cigarette while talking to an interviewer: “There is a monotonous undertone of the entirety of life, you know? What is there to do? There’s nothing even to look at.”

Kids today are bored and passive, even with entertainment all around. They are, as one writer described them, “passion-impaired.” Christian school teachers have the antidote: being conveyors of awe. Awe is a practice, a skill that Christian schools ought to teach as rigorously as they do core subjects.

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Sodom and Christian Education: The Big Story

At this November’s Missional Living of Scripture Conference at Calvin Theological Seminary, I had the opportunity to hear Christopher Wright speak on the topic “No Biblical Mission without Biblical Ethics.”

Using Genesis 18-19, Wright addressed three questions I believe are at the heart of our “big story” mission in Christian education: 1) What kind of world do we live in? 2) What has God promised to do about it? 3) What does it mean for us? These three questions provide us a means to use the “big story” of the Bible as a framework for the mission and practice of Christian education.

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